OBAWHIPS_10Frame: Skavenger Bridge 21.25″ TT

Fork: Animal Barrett

Bars: Animal Big Four

Grips: Animal Edwin flangeless

Bar ends: Animal Plastic

Stem: Animal 10 Years top load

Headset: Animal

Seat: Animal Broadway

Seat Post: Animal Wedge

Cranks: Animal Akimbo

Bottom Bracket: Animal PC

Sprocket: You’ll have to wait for more info

Pedals: Animal BPE

Wheels: Animal Javelin Hubs, Animal RS Rims

Front Tire: Animal MTT  2.35″

Rear Tire: Animal MTT 2.10″

Front Hub Guards: Animal PYN with PC Sleeves

Rear Hub Guard: Animal PYN with PC Sleeve

Pegs: Animal Lino G (long Version)


Modifications: Spray painted the whole bike flat black.

Favorite Parts:
10 years stem, Big Four bar and the MTT tires.


Newest Part: The grips and bar ends.


Last time your bike saw the rain: About a month ago.


Last time your pegs experienced a grind:
Five minutes before this bike check, ha ha.

Last Time you cleaned your bike: A week ago.

Farthest place this bike has been to: Toronto, Canada. (See below)

Toronto trip section  from QSS 3 Foreign & Domestic that Oba went on with Hoogerhyde, Chris Silva, McDermott and others. Animal has been doing a trip up to Canada for Ten Pack East the past few summers, and this quick section is some of the footage from last year’s trip. Oba coming through with the dope last clip when his bike had a much brighter paint job. More Oba joints in the UK trip section below, also from Foreign & Domestic:

Oba’s edit for ESPN last month: