Frame: Federal Hamilton, 19″ TT

Bars: Animal Hyrone

Grips: Animal Edwin

Bar end (1): Animal

Brake cable: Animal

Stem: Animal Jump Off (O.G.)

Headset: Animal

Seat: Animal Stripe

Seat Post: Prototype laid back pivotal fabrication by Dominique

Clamp: Animal

Sprocket: Animal 39T

Pedals: Animal Hamilton Sealed, black

Front Tire: Animal TWW, 2.2

Rear Tire: Animal GLH, 1.95

Spray painted the frame navy blue, shortened the handlebars, bent the brake lever…

Favorite part: My pivotal laid back seat-post because it’s a one of a kind, and after it was on a bike that was stolen it was returned to me at Dodge (skatepark) years later after changing hands multiple times.

Newest part: My seat-post clamp is brand new, and my brake lever is pretty new.

Oldest part: The 39-tooth sprocket is from around the turn of the century.

Tire PSI: Around 80.

In this age of 25-tooth sprockets, why do you keep running a large sprocket? The reason I wanted to run the 39-tooth is because when I used to do sprocket grinds down rails I had a bigger sprocket and I wanted to start doing that trick again. I got the bigger sprocket again to see if it would slide better, but it still sticks, so the next step is to get the big 415 H chain that I used to have to see if that helps. I was worried that it would rub a hole in my frame again on the top of the rear triangle, but someone told me to put a spacer between the cassette and the frame to help that. The bigger gears also have a different feel when I pedal that I think I like more, and I think I like how it looks because it is something different and old-school looking.

Last time your bike saw the rain: I kept getting stuck in the rain a bunch of times this summer in Columbus and my bike got soaked, and then in New Jersey during Hurricane Sandy my bike was sitting by the window.

Last time you cleaned your bike: Other than cleaning under the grips to get rid of throttle grip when it gets wet, I don’t really clean my bike off, but if I’m going to put a sticker on I’ll clean it there so the sticker sticks better.

Farthest place this bike has been to: The furthest from here (Montclair, NJ) is Cincinnati, Ohio, and the furthest from Ohio this bike has been is the New England Jam  Chowda in Connecticut. Or Raleigh, North Carolina; it’s been there too and I forgot about that. The furthest it’s been from me is probably 40 miles if I left it at my apt. and went somewhere without my bike.

Most notorious scratch: I was adjusting the spacers under my stem and I had to keep taking my stem off and on my fork. I was putting my stem back on the fork, and one time I started banging it with a hammer and I hit it probably 14 times before I realized it was putting dings in it each time. I needed to put a board between the stem and the hammer, so now I have a bunch of dings in the top of my stem.