Frame:  Skavenger El Blanco Loco, 20.75″ TT

Fork: Skavenger Flat Iron

Bars: Animal Belcher Action

Grips: Animal Ed flangeless

Bar ends: Animal Plastic

Stem: Animal Jump Off Remix

Seat: Animal Broadway

Seat Post: Animal Pivotal

Clamp: Animal

Cranks: Animal Akimbo 175mm

Sprocket: Animal V3, 24T

Pedals: Animal BPE

Wheels: Animal Javelin hubs laced with Animal spokes to Animal RS rims, 8T driver

Pegs: Animal LinOG

Tires: Animal TWW,  2.2″

Hub Guard: Animal PYN


Modifications:  Spray-painted red wheels black, got bored and hand-colored black stem white. Money sign valve caps, OD motorcycle chain because I’m getting old and don’t want to ever worry about my chain snapping in traffic.


What’s different since your last bike check? New back pegs, tires, pedals, hub guard and seat; that’s it.



What prototype action are you running? My frame is the same prototype that I’ve been running for a few years. No dents, it’s solid.


Why a 20.75” top tube? Because there were a bunch of frames sitting there, I grabbed one and tried to eye up which size was larger; it didn’t work.


Favorite part: Frame, because it’s my frame.


Newest part: I got two new back pegs and two new tires.

Last time your bike saw the rain: It sees it every time it does rain; it sits in the backyard. My girlfriend bitches about it being in the kitchen and I’m too lazy to bring it in the basement.


Last time your pegs experienced a grind: Every time I go out. 90% of the time I’m grinding something.


Last time you cleaned your bike: Never. Some kid on my block asked me if he could clean it, and I said hell no. Keep it dirty; I want it to look like a shit-box.


Farthest place this bike has been to: Japan.

 Best spot this bike has been ridden on?  This bank spot in Tokyo. It’s so unique.


Most notorious scratch/ dent? I’ve had a horrible flat spot in my back wheel for three years. Most people would get a back wheel, but it doesn’t affect me since I can’t manual.



Tom filmed his whole part in QSS 5 on this bike. New joints from Tom coming soon in QSS 6…