Frame: Prototype Skavenger Tom White 21″ with a 14.25″ rear end

Fork: Animal Barrett

Bars: My signature Animal Hyrone bars

Grips: Animal Edwin De La Rosa signature

Bar ends: Animal Plastic

Stem: Animal MR Top Load

Headset: Animal without the dust cover

Seat: Animal MMS87 pivotal Nigel Sylvester signature

Seat Post: Animal Pivotal

Clamp: Animal

Cranks: Animal Akimbo

Bottom Bracket: Animal 22 mm

Sprocket: Animal Sprocky Balboa Vinnie Sammon signature 27T

Pedals: Animal Steven Hamilton signature, aluminum sealed

Rims: Animal RS

Front Tire: Animal GLH 2.25

Rear Tire: Animal GLH 1.95

Pegs: Animal Butcher 4.5″ Prototype. I only use the forged aluminum without the plastic sleeves.

Modifications: I use two 10mm carbon spacers on top of a 2.5mm spacer underneath my stem. There is also a KHE half-link in my KMC 710 kool chain. My wheels are radial laced in the front, 3 cross on the drive side and radial-laced on the non-drive w/ FBM hub guard in the rear. I lace my wheels with DT Swiss spokes n Wheel Smith nipples.

What prototype action are you running? Most importantly Skavenger Tom White Frame, 4.5″ Butcher pegs, MR Top Load stem, RS rim in the rear.

Favorite part: My signature Hyrone bars. Go out ‘n get you a pair; if not, get two. Support the real.

Newest part: Frame, fork, bars and stem.

Oldest part: That would have to be my rear wheel as its built to n Animal RS prototype rim. Had it for about two years now and it has only gotten a few spokes replaced, along with a few wheel trues, still rollin’ tuff.

Last time your pegs experienced a grind: Yesterday.

Last time you cleaned your bike: Maybe after the last time it rained.

Farthest place this bike has been to: All over the streets of NY as of now, but I’ll be heading to the Dominican Republic in a few weeks. We’ll see how it holds up out there.

Most notorious scratch: A mean chunk in one of my front pegs trying to grind some ledge. Also underneath my left crank arm from trying to learn Wang Slides.